You are currently viewing Jeremiah Brent LA Office & Studio [Pictures & Clip]

Jeremiah Brent LA Office & Studio [Pictures & Clip]

Today we share inside Jeremiah Brent LA Office & Studio. The last couple of months have been like a roller coaster ride with our cross-country move from LA back to NYC. Now his office is expanded into a larger space.

Jeremiah Brent LA Office

When I look back, I just started my design firm in the living room of my apartment. I had no clue that years later I would be working with two design offices on both coasts. This time, our LA family is getting larger! Using this space as my office, allowed me to be close to my children.

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Vibes like Home

But recently decided it was time to move out of the coach house and into a new office space near Los Angeles’s Hancock Park neighborhood.

“As the company has grown and the needs have grown, it was time to transition into an office that could actually accommodate everybody,” says Brent. “And for me it was really important, especially with this first office space, for it to still feel like a home.”


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Open for Creative Ideas

I wanted to create a space, an office that feels like a sanctuary. By sanctuary, I mean a space that is not only open but inspiring and allowing all the creative ideas to blend in. We kept the color palette tight, the inspiration we drew is from nature itself. We were looking for ways of incorporating the new and the old by having vintage French chairs. These chairs will allow sitting comfortably next to the Sonos speaks.

Meetings, Brainstorming, & Conferences

Jeremiah Brent LA Office gives like a residential vibe. It has a comfy living room for casual meetings and brainstorming sessions with my team. It also has a dining/conference room, a workroom with a 20foot long oval table and a product library that feels more like a walk-in closet than a spot for swatch storage.

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The workroom, with its huge communal table, is the heart of the studio. It is also the core of my business philosophy.

“My office works in a very unique way. I’d like to have like where we’re all around the one central table,” he adds. “Everyone has a seat at the table, everybody’s vision and design voice are heard.”


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Jeremiah Brent Instagram

Jeremiah actually found the piece on Instagram.

“It’s strange the way Instagram has become a really crazy sourcing opportunity for me,” he says. “I never thought I’d be saying that, but you see these amazing vendors halfway across the world.”

Many of the other pieces in Jeremiah Brent LA Office came from Brent’s personal trove of furnishings.

“It was vital for me to have a space that was a blend of a lot of really beautiful antiques. Most of the things that I had also collected over time,” he explains,

pointing to the bronze-and-glass table. Jaques Adnet chairs in the conference room as items from his own collection.

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Media Room and Studio Tour

One of the most exciting feelings of this expansion is having more space for proper organization. I recruited California Closets to create our customer systems for our office’s sample library. For the media room, I decided to go with a new Paxton collection because of its hidden hardware and fashionable feel. I absolutely love how it’s a clean finish. It also compliments the office lights and airy infrastructure.


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I also made sure to document the whole install in my Jeremiah Brent LA Office to show you how our entire cabinetry design came to existence. I hope all the readers can check out the pictures in this post and love the finished look as much as we do.

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