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Laundry Room Remodel Small, Storage-Filled Blue-Grey

Toronto designer Colette Varghese did her own laundry room remodel from scratch, and it’s been such a hit that her clients have asked her to reproduce it in their homes. Discover why the elegant blue-grey palette, marble floor, and steamy washer make this laundry room such a hit.

Laundry Room Remodel basement

Laundry Room Remodel

When we first purchased the house, we decided we needed to dig out and renovate the entire basement. This allowed me to be able to build a whole new laundry room from scratch. On my wishlist for the laundry room remodel was a great washer dryer, beautiful marble floors, and a gorgeous color palette.

Laundry Room Remodel ideas

Laundry Room Cabinets

One of the first things that were installed with the marble floor, following that the Ruffins for the plumbing, then the cabinetry went in. The cabinetry is a soft blue-gray that really complimented the washer-dryer gray color and the beautiful blues and grays in the backsplash tile.

Capacity is Integral

As an interior designer, clients are asking me to help them choose their appliances for their laundry room remodel quite often. So I have been able to educate myself on washer dryers. I’ve known throughout the years that the Whirlpool Duet was great for capacity as well as durability.

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So I knew when I was doing my place, I wanted the Whirlpool Duet large capacity is important to us, with the big family, lots of towels and sheets happening all the time. So the capacity was really integral to us. They have steam in them, so I can easily throw something in just to fluff it up with the steam and I don’t have to iron.

Laundry Room Remodel

Laundry Room Layout and Colors

I love that they have color options as well. The reason I chose the Chrome shadow is that I did want the Carrara marble floor and I knew that the gray color would go really well with that and the overall color scheme. So even though this isn’t the largest laundry room remodel, it does provide easy storage solutions as well as usability.

There’s actually an extra coat closet because my husband has too many coats, that I had to hide for him and there’s tons of folding space deep counters because I made the counters the depth of the washer/dryer which a thing helps maximize the space.

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The Sink

It also has a great deep laundry sink. So if you need to hand wash or soak, rubber boots or running shoes it’s perfect that. I think it’s great to have an industrial faucet. You can just spray down things and even if you have a little dog and kind of throw them in the sink and hose them down.

They All Want The Same Look

What I love about doing a small laundry room remodel from scratch, was really being able to pick the color palette that I wanted and the beautiful materials to be able to give it some sparkle because even though it’s a laundry room it should still feel like a place you want to be in.

Now that my laundry room is complete and I can show it to my client they all want the same look.


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