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Christmas 2023 Nate Berkus Holiday Edition Questionnaire

Recently, Christmas 2023 Nate Berkus Holiday edition questionnaire involving this or that was shared on the interior designer’s Instagram. As the year draws to a close, families and friends gather to share laughter, love, and gratitude. Decorations adorn homes, streets sparkle with lights, and the air is filled with the aroma of festive treats.

Christmas 2023 Nate Berkus

During the holiday season, traditions come alive, whether it’s decorating a tree, preparing special meals, or exchanging thoughtful gifts. It’s a time when kindness is magnified, and communities extend goodwill to one another. The magic of the holidays lies in the simple pleasures – the twinkling lights, the sound of carols, and the joyous laughter of children. Here is an interesting questionnaire of this or that answered by Nate Berkus.

This or That?

Cooking Dinner or Ordering Delivery?

It would be ordering in for me, but for Jeremiah, it would be cooking dinner.

Gift Shopping Early or Last Minute?

You always make the worst purchases last minute. You spend so much money because you’re panicking. So I like to know what I am giving everybody in advance.

Who in your family loves holidays the most?

Jeremiah and the children love them. They are deeply passionate about it.

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What are your go-to places to shop for gifts?

Live auctions. I like Etsy, eBay, 1st dibs, and chairish. Of course, I love Shopatrio which is Jeremiah Brent’s brand, and my own Nate Home

Go to Holiday Cocktail?

If I am eating carb inside it’s a blanco tequila with soda with fresh lemon juice. If I feel like I haven’t been eating everything then it’s spicy margarita.

Who is the hardest person in your family to find a gift for?

I think Jeremiah is pretty tough. He loves to shop, when he sees something he wants he usually get it. So it’s challenging to find something that he genuinely likes or genuinely is going to use.

Nate Berkus Christmas Holiday Tips

Matching Pajamas?


Favorite way to wrap a gift for Christmas 2023 Nate Berkus?

My stepmother used to wrap presents. Her every corner, every fold in the gift wrap was perfect. Every piece of tape was the same length. I love to wrap presents. Christmas Eve is my night to do that. You can also read some Christmas concerns by Jeremiah Brent

Christmas Story Berkus Style

During Nate’s childhood, he along with his brothers, under the care of his stepmother, experienced a Christmas tradition that left a lasting impression. The stepmother, recognizing the children’s natural curiosity and eagerness, adopted a creative solution to maintain the element of surprise. Instead of labeling the beautifully wrapped presents with individual names, she assigned numerical identifiers, ranging from 1 to 4.

So when I was a little boy I had three little brothers in California. When we were growing up our stepmother used to wrap everything so beautifully. She put it under the tree with a little tag that said Nate, Steve, Dan, and Bob. One year she realized that we were counting the presents, shaking them, and trying to unwrap the corners of the presents so we could see what’s inside. So what she did was she changed from putting our names to putting numbers 1 through 4. Then every Christmas morning when we woke up she would tell us which number each of us was. So if you’ve got sneaky kids like we were as brothers, there’s a tip for Christmas 2023 Nate Berkus

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This strategic change prevented the children from prematurely discovering the contents of their gifts through counting, shaking, or attempting to peek at unwrapped corners. On each Christmas morning, Nate’s stepmother would reveal the assigned numbers to the excited siblings, introducing an air of mystery and anticipation to the gift-giving ritual. This adjustment demonstrated a thoughtful and effective approach to handling the inquisitive nature of the children, offering a practical tip for others facing similar challenges with curious youngsters during the holiday season.

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