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Nate and Jeremiah Kids, Poppy & Oskar Birthdays

Nate and Jeremiah kids birthdays are together. There is one special day in a year for everyone. Unless you are born on 29 February which makes it more special. You get that right? We are talking about birthdays. A person’s birthday is one of the times when everyone around you celebrates the presence of life. Friends, family, and loved ones gather around and cheer to the bliss of being together. But when it comes to the first birthday of the baby, parents want it to be special than ever.

Nate and Jeremiah Kids

Interior designer Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent share back to back birthdays of their kids. It is Poppy Brent Berkus who is the first child of the designers. Born on 4th birthday on March 23, 2015. She turned 4 yesterday. But today is the first birthday of Nate and Jeremiah baby boy Oskar Brent Berkus. The couple shared some pictures and a chunk of boomerangs on their Instagram accounts. We got that for you.

Jeremiah Brent Birthday wish to Poppy

Here is what daddy Jeremiah Brent wrote on Instagram, about his daughter on turning 4.

Strong, Empathetic, Autonomous, Funny, Soft, Kind, Mischievous at times, naturally Curious, Forgiving, Wise, Decisive, a memory that’s so Strong, it’s frightening at times, Confident and always Grateful and that’s only 4 years in. You teach us everyday Poppy. Thank you for choosing us. We love you in a way we didn’t know was possible. Happy Birthday. What a beautiful, powerful blink of an eye its been. @nateberkus

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Nate Berkus Instagram Angel

Heart touching caption. It seems like the girl power of Poppy has a powerful impact on their house. Nate Berkus also shared this photo of Poppy and wrote:

Happy Birthday, angel.


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She really is an angel. So is her brother, Oskar, who turned 1 today. Nate and Jeremiah kids, Here are a couple of pictures shared by the couple through social media on Oskar’s first birthday party.

Nate and Jeremiah Kids Celebration

Here is a picture of Oskar celebrating his day. But I guess, 1 is too little to realize it.


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Happy First Birthday Mr. Moo

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The family of 4 celebrating each other’s presence. May the joy of happiness, lasts forever.

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Season 3 is Coming

As we move forward from the birthday celebrations of Nate and Jeremiah kids, it’s only days when the interior designers premiere their long-awaited show Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 3 on TLC. The show premieres on April 13th. Fans are really excited about the 3rd season of the show. The show is all about renovation projects.


So how did you celebrate your child’s first birthday? Are you excited for Nate Jeremiah by Design Season 3? Who will be watching? Leave your comments below.

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  1. paige

    I think the 2 of you are the Best designers on tv. I love how caring you are and such great parents. God bless and take care of your family. Btw can you please come to Canada and decorate fr us? Lol

  2. Diane

    I wish that I had money to have you come and design my FL condo! You guys are truly the best there is! My only complaint is that your seasons are too short!!! We need more!

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