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Nate Berkus Design Style Ideas and Tips

Nate Berkus Design Answers

Famous interior designer Nate Berkus design styling and Ideas were given by directly by him on a live session on social media. Nate Berkus was live on Facebook and he answered design related questions. The questions were asked by the fans from all around the world.

Questions from the Fans

Here are some of the Nate Berkus Design tips given by Nate himself through Facebook live.

Entry door

Monica wants to go back to paint what’s your favorite black paint for an entry door?

Favorite black paint is Farrow & ball pitch black or off black.

Coastal decorating

Steph wants to do some coastal decorating in Florida but how does she not make it look cheesy?

Nate: So here’s the thing. Nate Berkus design always been about a feeling stuff instead of a theme when you’re decorating. When you have a theme all of a sudden you have like little Eiffel Towers and a little like sort of shittim signs all over. You have big cutouts of fish and an anchor or you know a boat wheel with rope on it. So the idea of the inspiration behind a theme as opposed to a feeling as opposed to the theme is what are the colors what the textures that are coastal are.

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Well the colours are pill blues, pill grey’s, ivories linens natural linens, whites. Nate Berkus design textures are things that feel a little bit gritty like painted wood floors or white oak sandblasted white. Or painted Swedish furniture all of that stuff is sort of in the vernacular of coastal without having a whale under law .

Baby Oskar

Pam wants to know how’s the baby Oskar?

The baby is amazing Pam thanks for asking

Nate Berkus Design about Mid-Century Modern

Jennifer wants to know do you think mid-century modern is really on its way out?

Nate: I don’t think anything is ever really on its way out or really on its way in. The way Nate Berkus design determine trend and what’s happening in the furniture market is that there’s lots of interest around. Mid-century modern and there has been for a really long time, there’s a lot less interest around like 19th century. English antiques for instance or what we used to call Brown furniture.

So when you can buy a 300 year old chest of drawers or 200 year old dresser for less money than you can buy a table that’s made out of stainless steel in 1950 that makes me start thinking what’s going to be coming next. Nate Berkus design should be really looking at that will stand the test of time and when you can get a really good deal on a beautiful antique because not a lot of people are interested in it I reach for the antique. You can mix that in with mid-century modern or industrial or whatever sort of feeling is going on.

nate berkus design quotes

So why not an old wood chest of drawers with a mid-century modern lamp on it in a beautiful black-and-white photograph instead of a mid-century chest mid-century lamp a mid-century photo. Nate Berkus design seems like it’s much more easily much more interesting to mix styles and you can save money.

Window Treatments

Few questions about window treatments would you do blinds and curtains on a window how do you choose what went when to do what?

Nate: Again that question is hard to answer on Facebook live because it’s very sort of architectural dependent. Nate Berkus design really feels best in the room but I like the idea of curtains that you don’t close. I like the added softness that full-length drapery brings to space it’s a lot easier as well to just put down a shade than to close the curtains and open them all the time.

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So I like the idea of a layered window I think it could be really beautiful a Roman shade or a woven grass shade with linen curtain ease. I think always looks great.

Nate Berkus Design Kitchen Flooring

Donna’s working on her kitchen floor does she do real wood or tile that looks like wood?

Nate: Great question! Donna, I have to tell you what real wood is softer to stand on if you’re gonna cook, not like me. When it comes to Nate Berkus design, I can’t make myself a grilled cheese so I only go by what looks best. But real wood genuine hardwood is is much softer overtime on your knees on your legs tile is much harder but obviously much easier to clean in our bathroom in New York City in a beautiful apartment that we don’t own any longer.


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Jeremiah convinced me to do tile that looked like wood and I thought I would hate it and Later I thought it was absolutely beautiful. So decide whether or not you want to be easy on your feet and on your legs. How important maintenance is to you and then make the decision based on that both.

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