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Nate Berkus on Favorite Thing Being a Parent

The article discusses various aspects of design, parenting, and creating family-friendly spaces by Nate Berkus. Nate emphasizes the impact of incorporating greenery into indoor spaces, highlighting its positive influence on how people perceive their surroundings, as often seen on social media platforms. Below are the words of Nate discussing various topics.

Multifunctional Design

Go outside, cut down some branches, and do a tall arrangement. You’ve all seen it on Instagram and social media. It does impact, the way we feel about our spaces when there’s something green inside the home.

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Nate always believed in investing in pieces that would stand the test of time. My son in his bedroom, he’s just five has an antique dresser. Someday that might be in the foyer of his apartment. So, to me, it’s not really about what you can do with the furniture. It’s about how long that furniture will last within your family and I love it when people spend money on good things that last a lifetime as opposed to falling for trends and things like that.

Favorite Thing About Being a Parent

Being a parent is probably the most joyful experience. Jeremiah Brent and I are aware that it’s fleeting. We’re very conscious of how quickly it goes. So, we try to make time to really sort of just stop and stop the chaos and just appreciate the moments that we’re in. If you’re interested you can also read an article on what the couple had to say about Nate and Jeremiah Third Child

Designing Family-Friendly Spaces

So, the dining room table seats 10 but you can also put a straightforward sort of clip-on net down the center of it and spend the afternoon or an hour playing ping pong or table tennis. The side tables have hand-painted game boards on the top so you can play checkers if you want with your kids and use little rocks. You can gather around the fire pit, and enjoy nature. I love the idea of the outdoor terraces being an additional, relaxing, sort of retreat for the kids and for the grownups that come to Great Wolf Lodge.

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Favorite Phone Free Activity with Family

Our son likes to build. He’s five. I was thinking of him when I designed the side tables that are hand painted on the top with tic tac toe boards and chess boards. Our kids are not on devices at all. They’re allowed to watch cartoons on the weekends in the morning. Of course, on airplanes, it’s a free-for-all.  Like, they can do whatever they want.

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This or That with Nate Berkus

Let’s take a little quiz on this or that with Nate Berkus. The interior designer will be given a set of two choices, let’s see which among the two is his favorite.

Lazy River of Wave Pool?

I’m Wave Pool. Yeah, definitely  Wave Pool.

Ice Cream of Cake?


Bowling or Mini Golf?

Mini golf.

Group or Solo Water Slides?

I think group water slide because you can go with your kids.

Yoga Tails or Dance Party?

Uh, dance party. Do it every day.

Pizza or Burgers?


Ropes Course or Oliver’s Mining Co?

Ropes course. But have a fear of heights but I think I can make it through. I think the peer pressure from everybody at the pool would probably help me finish that course.

Sweet or Savoury?

That’s a really hard one for me. I’m not sweet, exclusively, or savory exclusively. I like, you know, a birthday cake from the store and then end up with an order of fries.

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