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Nate and Jeremiah Third Child? Paris Trip with Family

Nate and Jeremiah third child on the cards? The interior designers reveal. Nate and Jeremiah have made an interesting statement about having another child.

Nate and Jeremiah Third Child?

Recently the couple expressed their thoughts in an interview. Jeremiah says that he begs every day for another child and the truth is, the two kids are like, “No Dad, we don’t want anybody else, this is fine.”

But the couple believes it’s going by so fast. Oskar would not be a terrific middle child. They’ve determined that in their family. That is a fair statement. He’s uniquely qualified for youngest- To be the baby.

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New Chapters in Life

The interior designers also stated that they’re kind of entering into these new chapters of life
where their daughter Poppy, 7, is like this young woman who is smart, creative, and has ideas to share with them. Watching the kids who they’re becoming has been such an interesting, fun process for the designer couple. When asked what they believe their daughter is becoming? Nate replied: She loves poetry. They do poetry in her school and in her last conference; the teacher was saying how she really tries to get behind the meaning of words which is interesting. The family reads poetry every night, so it’s a big thing for her.

The Makeover Bug

Not only that but Poppy also loves design. She loves moving things around. In fact, the other day Nate and Jeremiah were having lunch with the kids and Poppy told them that she didn’t really like where the furniture was in her room because she didn’t have enough real space to play. She said she always felt smooshed. So the couple came home from lunch on a Sunday and said, “Do you want us to move everything?” She goes, “Yep.” And she just stood there glowing and (indistinct) definitely has the bug, the makeover bug, the rearranging bug.

They feel she knows what she wants, but she’s kind, sweet and they hope for her to do whatever she wants in her life. As far as Nate and Jeremiah third child is concerned, it’s safe to say they’re not, currently. You can read all about Nate and Jeremiah Rome Trip here.

Nate and Jeremiah Paris Trip

When asked about their trip to Paris. Jeremiah revealed about being super stressed because he felt like, “Who takes a seven-year-old to Paris? “What’s happening?” But the beautiful part was how they connected to the beauty of the streets, the architecture, and the cafes. They wanted to be out, they wanted to be around.

nate and jeremiah family paris

The kids saw the architecture, they would notice the buildings and everything. Poppy said to them one day, “I’m gonna live here someday, Dad.” And it instantly reminded Nate of a moment from his personal past, him as a kid saying that to his parents and he did.

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Nate and Jeremiah have this thing in their house that Jeremiah’s mom actually started when he was little when they would go anywhere, like a neighboring town, and she’d always tell him to pick out three beautiful things or find something really beautiful. Nate and Jeremiah adopted this habit and practiced it with their kids as well.

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