You are currently viewing Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 4 Returns!!!

Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 4 Returns!!!

So the news of Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 4 is finally here. News is that the fourth season of the famous TLC Nate and Jeremiah by Design is going to come sometime in the coming spring.

Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 4

Interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent recently had an Instagram live session with apartment therapy. The host of the apartment therapy invites different celebrities, designers, and friends to hang out and talk about their upcoming projects and fan-related questions. Here are some of the questions answered by Nate and Jeremiah.

Design Trends

What are some fun design trends you’re loving for 2021?

Well, we’re very careful with trends. We think a lot of times people take a trend and they change their entire lives around. Then they’re tired of it in six months. But we do like certain trends that are introduced in the right way.

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I think there’s a trend to like darker like well-crafted furniture. Our collection for living spaces has a huge mix in it. So you know and that’s obviously by intention because we’re never really dictatorial about what we think is cool in design because it really is about personalization. But I think that people are reaching for things that really have a sense of history and could tell a story to mix in with their newer pieces.

The Decor on a Budget

What spots do you recommend for decor for someone on a budget?

Obviously, target. I think they do a really good job. I think Etsy is also a phenomenal marketplace for one-of-a-kind things in vintage finds.

Living spaces is also a really good reference because the thing that’s great about what they’ve done and crafted is that you can curate your house all in one store which I think goes a long way. The idea that you can go in and make your house look like you’ve been collecting pieces from a lot of different genres or time periods, goes a long way.

I hope that our collection is a great place as well for people to get in you just feel like they’re investing. It’s the idea behind our collection, it was always really beautiful pieces that didn’t cost a lot of money but provides you a lot of bang for your buck as far as visually. So I think between those three. I mean we did our entire Montauk house basically from those three sources, and we’re really proud of the way it turned out.

Hardest Room to Renovate

What is the hardest room in the house to renovate?

I think it’s a room that has a significant amount of trades necessary to renovate it. A kitchen requires the plumber, the countertop installer, the electrician. Same with the main bathroom in the home or any bathroom for that matter. It’s a lot easier to spend your money on custom bookshelves or beautiful wallpaper and do something that’s cosmetic that doesn’t require construction. But once you get into construction that’s when it becomes complicated and expensive.

Design Aesthetics

What is the difference between your design aesthetics?

I’m weird. My design aesthetic is, I’m always trying to kind of think about things really outside of the box. Also, I’m very monastic. I like a moody dimly lit bowl and nothing else in the room brings me joy, Brent added.

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I would say that my aesthetic is a little bit more rooted in history. A little bit more traditional. Not that I create traditional spaces but there are definitely issues of scale and proportion and sort of furniture placement that I’ve been doing for 25 years. So a lot of it is like a sort of second nature. What’s interesting is when we work together whether it’s designing, the collection for living spaces or doing a television project or whatever, Jeremiah is always coming at it with no rules, no preconceived ideas about how space should feel and I’m always coming at a space with like no I feel like this configuration or this placement of the rug feels right. Somewhere in the middle is the right answer, Nate responded.

Is Nate and Jeremiah by Design Coming Back?

When is Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 4 coming back?

Nice to tell you that the show’s coming back in the spring. It’s going to be in a different way but a lot of similarities in the heart intention and soul of it but it’s going to be really exciting. We’re really looking forward to it and we’re really proud of what we’re doing. Also, right before that will be on Rock the Block on HGTV, season two, design challenge. So stay tuned for Nate and Jeremiah by Design!

Find my Design Style

How do I find my design style?

I think that’s a great question. It’s a question a lot of people ask themselves. I would say this as we live in an age where everything is obscenely visual. Even designers like us, if we’re trying to conceive an idea for a client, we’ll go on Instagram and start creating files of spaces we like or color combinations ideas that we like. Same with Pinterest, and same goes with just getting online and doing searches on the internet.

For you know patterns of floor tile or interesting ways to put line a fireplace. I believe what everybody should really take the time to do instead of feeling this like crazy pressure to have a perfect home is to really take the time to assemble a visual album. Whether it’s in your phone or you print it out, it doesn’t really matter. But once you start collecting images that really speak to you, then you can go through them and really decide.

Think and Ask Yourself

What was it about this picture that made my heart jump a little bit? Was it the color combination? Was it the the way they painted the trim in this room? I think for people who might not have the vocabulary to describe their own design style or are starting to develop their design style, a visual live reference library called from social media is probably the most fun and easiest way to really figure it out.

I would just say that you know design is having a really exciting moment where you can live beautifully and not expensively. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to really have a beautiful life that’s your own which feels personal. This was one of the driving missions behind our collective living spaces. People being able to create a space that actually feels like them, it’s not just about a catalog. Because as we all know you finish that and it still feels empty even when you’re done.

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So I think the exploration to Nate’s point of visual representation, exploring things is right. I mean I didn’t figure out my design style even as a designer until a couple of years ago. What really brought me joy and felt restorative.

Keep on Evolving

Definitely I mean the truth is our style is evolving constantly even in Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 4. The more you know the better you are. The more you see the better you are. My advice to anybody starting out in design professionally,  you know we have this time in during a pandemic where creativity can’t be stopped.

Ideas can’t be stopped, just because physically we can’t go see things in other places, So take this time to really dig in. Whether you’re designing your own home, or starting a business, whatever it is, dig in. To know materials, ideas, eras, periods and countries that are interesting to you.

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  1. Donna D Meek

    I love the show cannot wait to see everyone again.

  2. Donna D Meek

    season 4 when does it start. hope living in New York is a wonderful place .

  3. Kathleen Lauro

    My son-in-law & daughter & 4 children live on long island in a very small 2 bedroom ranch house-trying to get them more space-if any opportunities arise-I would love to help to make something happen ❤️ grandma

  4. Mary D

    So glad you two are coming back. I love your show so much. It is not only a design show. I also like the little view you give into your personal lives. You are my favorite designers because you put do much feeling into everything. Will be watching every episode.

  5. Joanne Kearns

    I simply love your designs. I have a home in Florida I purchased a year ago after my husbands death and its a blank canvas. It was suppose to be our home but fate had other plans. I can’t seem to get out of my own way to design it. I sure would use your help. Thank you

  6. Joanne Kearns

    I simply love your designs. I have a home in Florida I purchased a year ago after my husbands death and its a blank canvas. It was suppose to be our home but fate had other plans. I can’t seem to get out of my own way to design it. I’ve never contacted you before and I sure would use your help. Thank you

  7. Viki

    I am beyond thrilled season 4 of this terrific design show is a reality & so happy to see Nate & Jeremiah on HGTV! This was always one of my favorite shows, not only because of designing concept, but because of the wonderful ‘at home’ moments the hosts share with viewers. They are truly worth watching and I hope the show runs Forever!

  8. Valerie

    I am so happy they are coming back for season 4 I started watching them every morning. On discovering plus they just make my morning they are so fun, loving themselves they don’t act fake they are themselves caring . Love how they share their family . I can wait to see how much their babies have grown as well themselves. Look forward to this.

  9. Sally Satkowiak

    Nate and Jeremiah – I am recently widowed -my husband, a lifetime farmer, committed suicide. We were in the midst of the redo of our farmhouse, now that our kids have moved on. My son moved to the main farm and my daughter is in the US Army. I am lost physically and emotionally, but feel the need to complete what we started. A lot of it is just cosmetic, but I need to find the sense of “complete”. I realize you do your “magic” on homes near your home, so that you can be with the kids as much as possible. I am only asking for your assistance in finding someone near me (in Michigan), with a little of your talent and sincerity, that can help me finish what we started and make my house complete. To me it is now just a house and I want it to still be the home we had planned for. I miss my husband desperately. Please give me a direction to at least talk to someone local. You are a bright spot in my alone time now. Looking forward to your new season to start soon.

  10. Marie-Rose Ghys

    Hey Nate and Jeremiah… greetings from Flanders Belgium with all our best wishes for a better than best new year ! We truly love your ideas and the way you two make them work out ! Our greatest wish since 2002 has been to make our home the cosiest ever for our family ! After 20 years of downpayment our brickhouse in a rather small town called Hasselt is finally ours … We are going to change our windows and frontdoor, redecorate our living space and put in a new kitchen. And that’s were we would like your advice…

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