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Nate and Jeremiah Cried Watching Episodes of Season 2

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Nate and Jeremiah show’s season finale was this weekend. We are done with Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 2 but it’s not over yet. Nate and Jeremiah went on exclusive talk describing their Season 2 experience. Nate and Jeremiah answer some of the questions about Season 2. Check out what Nate and Jeremiah responded to all these questions below.


Running Late

Was there an episode that made you feel like you were not going to make it in time?

I think for us was really challenging in terms of last year mark. Heather who are little people you know we had never done design and it’s an entirely different set of challenges again incredibly emotional the stakes were really high and that was a hard one even down to the installation day we even were really hard to make that come together if you think about where we normally shop for furniture.

We normally get the things that we use inside everybody’s home. The places that we normally go didn’t have things necessarily unless they were modified in which you can see in the episode that would fit and so we vintage shop and go to antique malls and we wanted to add that element of real I will never forget how they’re saying to us I love thinking about design it makes my heart happy to think about design

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So when someone says that to you and you see that they have a collection of all these vintage things that they brought home we wanted to have things that had character and meaning but also were the right scale it wasn’t just aesthetic decision it was practical decision

Cried at which episode

What episode made Nate and Jeremiah you cry the most?

The entire season was emotional. I cried in every single episode. I think each one of their stories touched on something in our own lives coming in house was really important to rest but the season finale the family that we actually worked with this Saturday really made a huge impression on us. You’ll find out why but it’s just the timing and the synchronicity of their story in ours it was really special we’ve got really choked up about it.

Nate and Jeremiah by Design S2

We know what’s going on behind the scenes or producers of the show but we’re also the designers. So we here which homeowners are like great to our team’s and who’s like really grateful when the cameras are off this last episode of the season is meaningful because it’s sort of for us I think the touchstone of what family is really all about and watching them care so deeply about their home they call the home their fourth child

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There’s something I don’t know both of us immediately responded they’re not the neediest they’re not the in the worst situation but the home is a beautiful home and their dutiful family this season finale is the biggest reveal we have all season and the most emotion


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