Small Bathroom Makeovers DIY Before & After Photos

In this must-read makeover, architect Gillian Green shares a glamorous and contemporary bathroom that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Get her expert small bathroom makeovers tips and find out how she brought personality to space with materials like brass, wood, and marble.

Small Bathroom Makeovers

This kind of small bathroom makeovers, I would say is a typical Toronto bathroom. It’s about 40 square feet. It’s just you know small without too much interest bathroom. One of the things that is a big problem right now in this bathroom is this built out area. So, when we get into construction we can open it up, take it apart. See what’s there and it would be exciting to find out how much space we could use for storage.

History & Before

The bathroom that’s here tells a little kind of archaeological history may be, that one piece scalloped sink is particularly glamorous maybe from the early 70s. I could use it update I’d say.

small bathroom makeovers

So the tub side of the room another way to feel open in here would be to have a glass panel for the shower and have an open feeling when you’re singing about.

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Under The Box

Do you think there’s anything under that box?

small bathroom makeovers

I think the interesting thing is when you start taking apart a house or redo small bathroom makeovers, it is like excavation and you find out oh what’s there oh the house has been framed with hockey sticks and a newspaper, interesting. When you do renovations at this nature you start with a strategy but then you have to be open to flexibility as the progression of the construction happens.

Bathroom Makeovers DIY

So, here we are in the finished space and it’s really lovely to see a place that is so functional and beautiful at the same time.

The homeowners wanted their small bathroom makeovers that would be family-friendly, which would be slightly glamorous, contemporary, quite calm and clean looking. One of the issues was the fact that the door swung into space and really made it difficult to be in the space either coming or going.

Small Bathroom Designs with Shower

So one of the first things that we did was we installed a sliding door, which has transformed the use of this space which made it much more user-friendly and easy to be in. Some of the things that help with the family-friendly are the hex floor tile with the dark grout. We’ve got heat underneath it which is a really lovely amenity full washroom. Here is the reformed small bathroom ideas photo gallery.

small bathroom makeovers
Small Bathroom Makeovers: after

Storage Space

Storage in any space is a huge thing. So, we’ve got a sink that is actually off the shelf, which we used in conjunction with a piece of custom millwork. This, in fact, is really a catch-all with adjustable shelving for all of the stuff that you want to store. Then some drawers underneath which are obviously very helpful as well.

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In a small space, I think it’s a good idea to boil down your material palette as much as possible. There are many Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms but I liked this one. So the Carrera tile, which is a hex tile from the factory tile Depot was a good choice because it sort of gives a neutral, yet real material palette, which is always nice to have a real material.

Glass Pendants

Then the things that actually help to warm things up are the warmer metal aspects and the cut glass pendants. Those pieces give sparkle personality and also warm up space. We use the tile node only to the ceiling but we used it all the way around the space. The glass actually continues to make this space feel open and it also allows you to see the tiles. So, it’s kind of a nice way of articulating the space when renovating small bathroom makeovers.

When we think about showers but it’s always good to think about the controls. Controls in the space where you get into the shower. Then the showerhead in the kind of protected zone. That way you can turn on the shower but you don’t have to actually get in there to feel hot or cold.

Delta Trinsic

The Delta Trinsic line faucets were beautiful in the warm metal. There’s a reference to the sparkly sconces, and the mirror and sort of the combination of those things really just elevate the space.

The beauty of this washroom is that we kept the fixtures in the same place. You can really see that our choices and materials, use of woods and marbles actually transform the space entirely.

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Final Words

How did she do small bathroom makeovers? Gillian replaced elements like a scalloped sink and a cramped layout with custom millwork, Carrara marble hex tile, and a glass shower. Then, Gillian added warm metals and sparkling cut glass pendants for a touch of sparkle, a functional sliding door, and heated floors. Built-in adjustable shelving and drawers offer plenty of storage.


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