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Bathroom Makeover Design A Family-Friendly Bathroom

An underused spare bedroom makeover is done into a stylish and spacious principal bathroom. Read the story of how designer Kai Ethier created a luxurious, livable space that the whole family can enjoy.

Bathroom Makeover

This bathroom didn’t start off as a grey and white bathroom. It was originally a spare bedroom with a tiny, tiny bathroom. So we decided to blow out the wall and create one long space. It was a little bit tricky because though space is quite long, it’s narrow. So we had to play around a little bit where everything was gonna go.

Bathroom fixtures

After figuring out where everything was gonna go, the next step was how it was gonna look. All the fixtures are from American Standard. I just like the clean lines it’s very contemporary without being too modern looking but it still feels sort of classic.

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The Floor

Probably my favorite thing in the bathroom makeover is the floor. I think it was a really bold choice but it’s really interesting. I think it adds a lot of personality to space. Another thing on the homeowner’s wish-list was a heated floor. It has this wireless thermostat, so when you come downstairs and are ready to get into the shower, the floor is nice and toasty.

Bathroom Makeover Picture

Even though the tile on the floor is bold. It felt like it needed some life and I really think the wallpaper does that. The homeowners weren’t sure about the wallpaper but they both told me that it’s the favorite thing in the bathroom makeover.

Tub and Shower

The homeowners definitely wanted a separate tub and shower. The tub is beautiful. It’s not wide. So it doesn’t take up a lot of room but it still has the length so you don’t feel like you’re cramped in a little tub. It still feels quite luxurious and you can definitely fit a few kids in it if that’s where you want to do.


The toilet is really cool. It’s a touchless flush which is great, especially when you have kids with grubby hands. Somewhere where we splurged a little bit with having marble on the vanity because it’s worth spending a little bit more for statement pieces than having your second choice or something cheaper. You also see in some small bathroom makeovers.

Bathroom Makeover Renovation

Laundry Behind the Door

I like the wall-mounted faucet just because it just is an easier way to keep everything nice and clean. It gives you a little bit of extra space if you need it. They also need it laundry and I suggested that they put the laundry through bathroom makeover. It’s separated by this pocket door so you don’t have to look at it all the times. But for my own personal experience especially with kids, it’s where they get undressed and where the dirty clothes end up half the time. So it’s really easy just to plop them in the washer.

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Bathroom Feels?

The overall feeling of the bathroom makeover, it feels kind of luxurious without being ostentatious I’d say. Just because there are a separate tub and shower, there are two sinks but it feels homey in a way it doesn’t feel like a place that people don’t live.

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