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Nate Berkus Surrogate Born Son Oskar and Daughter Poppy

Nate Berkus Surrogate Born Children

Celebrity surrogacy news Nate Berkus Surrogate born son Oskar, Today we look at Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent about the beauty of the surrogacy process. How they welcomed their second child, son Oskar, through surrogacy a few months ago. Nate and Jeremiah’s daughter Poppy, age 3, was also born via surrogacy.

nate and jeremiah poppy


Jeremiah told: That’s honestly one of the biggest gifts of surrogacy. Our experience was like we have really had an opportunity and the space around us when Nate Berkus Surrogate born son Oskar was born, to have a conversation that needed to behave. How we can raise them, what expectations we did or didn’t have, for her as a person, as a being coming into this world.

Before time

Nate: Printing out parenting stuff on the family manifesto. Carefully listening to the things like of people who we admire. You know the second thing that is so amazing about surrogacy is you can key look and drink up. Right till the baby is born. Jeremiah liked to drink at that time.

Nate Berkus wedding with Jeremiah Brent

We both used to drink margaritas every night. Nate Berkus surrogate born child was about to be born and we don’t have to worry about breastfeeding, no nothing I was like I will have a spicy Margarita and a baby. Our pregnant girlfriend was like we hate you. *laughs all over*


She is just an amazing sister. She is an amazing woman already. Now she is 3 years old and she is a force. She is defined for us already about what she is willing to help out with. So she will not change diapers, she will cuddle and he can touch her Albert dog. She is extremely specific. Nate Berkus Surrogate born son Oskar Brent Berkus and her brother but she is like she has parameters assigned all the boundaries you need in this world.

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Poppy is adorable I think she can get away with just about anything. Nate and Jeremiah had their second child Nate Berkus surrogate born baby boy which was named after Nate’s former partner Fernando Oskar Michael. We both as Nate and Jeremiah have decided the name and it is quite special for us because of his former partner and Jeremiah told.

When it came to the Names

Jeremiah: I am emotionally connected to the names of the kids. I needed to be an emotional connection. When I talk about poppy’s name,  Nate and I were away when I was dreaming we were vacationing in some other place. Then I had a dream. At the time we would think like we had just met and I had a dream about a little girl on a beach and her name was Poppy.

So when we found out we are having a daughter like wow, that’s it. So I think that’s it’s important to have an emotional connection to the name. They revealed Nate Berkus Surrogate born son Oskar was named after Berkus’s former partner, Fernando Bengoechea, who was killed in a 2004 Sri Lankan tsunami.

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Announcement of Poppy

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent started a family, the couple made the announcement via their respective Facebook pages. It’s just become even more beautiful we are happy to announce that we are expecting our first child. Nate Berkus surrogate born daughter Poppy Brent Berkus was about to be born.

They added while we can’t share much we can say that thanks to a surrogate and the support of those we love we will officially be a family in the spring of 2015. the American Dream builders host and Rachel Zoe’s former assistant Nate Berkus got married with Jeremiah Brent in May at the New York Public Library.

Surrogate Process

Poppy was included in the process from the start, they said. They tried throughout the pregnancy to create several ceremonial experiences for her so she felt involved and excited for Nate Berkus Surrogate’s born son Oskar, her brother’s arrival.

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She met the surrogate, attended doctor’s appointments, and received ultrasound photos. The dads made sure Poppy knew how and when Nate Berkus Surrogate’s born son Oskar, her brother was coming.

How They Broke the News about Oskar

“It is with so much love that we welcome Oskar Brent-Berkus to our family.” Nate Berkus Surrogate born son captioned about his son sweet black-and-white pic of the newborn’s tiny foot on Twitter. “We have waited for you, we already love you, and we as a family stand on the shoulders of so many people who have made it possible for families like ours to continue to grow.- Nate, @JeremiahBrent and Poppy.”

nate berkus surrogate son oskar

Brent shared the same photo on Instagram, writing, “Yesterday, life cracked open in a way I didn’t think it could again with the birth of our son Oskar Brent-Berkus. Love multiplied. How can love continue to expand like this? Hand in hand our family is basking in the phenomenon of it all. We love you little Oskar. How thankful we are. How beautiful it all is.” That’s how Nate Berkus surrogate born Oskar came into this world.

Nate and Jeremiah work together as an interior design team and they both star on their own TLC series Nate & Jeremiah by Design, where they transform homes with their design expertise and also allow viewers into their personal home life.

“We know what to do. We know what our weaknesses are individual,” Brent said. “We’re actually having the most beautiful time.”

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  1. Betty Roseman

    C ongratulations on being the fathers of Poppy and Oskar. I know that they will enjoy a beautiful life with you two as their parents. Wishing you and the children an abundance of good health and happiness. Mazel Tov!!!

  2. Diane Matull

    Congratulations on your beautiful family. Poppy & Oskar are absolutely adorable. When I watch your shows I do look forward to seeing you with your children. So wonderful to see so much love. I have been a fan for some time & absolutely love your Designs.
    Keep well.
    With love, blessings & appreciation,
    Diane Matull

  3. Anna

    What a shame that You have consciously deprived both Lil Girl and the Boy of a mother, essential figure to every person , someone that cannot be replaced by anyone! As a mother of three small kids I cannot even think how selfish you must be to think that „ wantung a baby” justifies taking away their mother from them. Irreversinle loss. I will pray for these two small ones and for You to get back to Lord and His Gospel that brings life.

  4. Kasey

    I love you guys and the kids are absolutely adorable. However, whoever wrote this article, please edit it! Oh my goodness!! Took away from the story; all the errors. It was written like my text messages when I am multitasking and using talk to text. It was so hard to read. Ahhhhh!!!

  5. Pam

    Anna, everyone has the right to their opinion. You have small children now but once they are grown, I hope your opinion will change. I have three biological son’s (46,39 & 36) and one adopted daughter (23) which has been ours since birth. As long as they are loved and treated with respect it really doesn’t matter by who! My opinion is that it makes no difference! Men and women both can have and give unconditional love for a child! I believe in a God who loves ALL his children no matter who they love and partner with once grown. I will pray for you, that once your children are grown you will still love them the same. No matter if they have the same sex partner! What you said was really rude and it’s very selfish of you to believe that only a woman can be an essential figure to every person!!

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