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Jeremiah Brent talks: Season 2 & Life About Oskar Berkus-Brent Baby # 2

Jeremiah Brent went Live yesterday and went on a live stream. The purpose was to interact with fans and answer their questions about the show or design related suggestions. There were questions from all around the world. It took Jeremiah by surprise as well. Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus is promoting their Season 2 of their design related show which is called Nate and Jeremiah by Design. The below is the words of Jeremiah while he went on live and had a live session with fans! Hope you will like it.

Okay here we go we’re going live I’m getting my caffeine intake hey guys how’s everybody doing hello hope everybody’s having a nice morning I’m just waking up hi Ryan hi Sam Kanika from Thailand can’t get rid of you how’s everybody doing happy Wednesday I wish it was Friday but it’s not I’m excited about this this is so crazy then you can just kind of connect with people this easily and I have Amanda who works with me laughing at me basically in the background I’m so awkward so this is gonna be really fun for you guys just to watch me be awkward some Ashley’s going to sleep I’m so jealous I am not sleeping because I have a new one who’s three weeks old hi from Indonesia I got this thing is so crazy so guys I just wanted to first off and say hello and thank everybody for questions and tuning in and just kind of the engagement and one of the things I think is so fascinating about this entire platform is the opportunity to connect directly with you guys find out what you know you want to know about what you wonder about me I can ask you questions just kind of start a nice dialogue

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hi from Peru hi Peru Peru is one of my absolute favorite places that I’ve ever been it was so so so beautiful anyway so today I wanted to say hello to people who are new to this whole world that we’re trying to create and enter any questions you have you know just a nice conversation I’m just reading all these messages come through Canada Indonesia Peru or else do we have Thailand all right so anyway let’s get to work since you guys saw me last we have had another baby which has been really exciting I’m not sleeping much as a new parent does not sleep which is why I can’t apparently former commerce at Nashville sentence I think on average I’m getting around four hours of sleep so like it lends itself to this whole like moody look I have with my dark circles but it’s been really amazing poppies and a rockstar she’s super sweet she’s the best big sister which nobody surprised about not shaken doll by the fact that she was another baby in the house she’s very aware of her value in this house Nate’s amazing works amazing the show premiered

hey you guys this show is such a labor of love I hope that if you haven’t seen it you check it out you know we really really love every episode we came into like this whole season with the intention of really showing people different versions of home and what it means to all of you you know not just fancy homes homes with you know that have been a money pit for decades people that have been stuck you know it’s really about having this conversation and pulling design out of the people and into those spaces so I hope you guys check it out I don’t speak Arabic I wish I did I’d be much cooler if I did these questions are so crazy have you guys watched the show then he like questions for me about just a couple episodes that have aired any behind the scenes juice I can give you without getting myself in too much trouble high from the Middle East

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