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Jeremiah Brent talks: Season 2 & Life About Oskar Berkus-Brent Baby # 2

hello from Poland with a muscle design question what would color would create best contrast with a light gray walls bed library wall bedroom modern masculine decor mid-century I would do a light white oak or a ceruse Doak they’re gonna be great for wear and tear the balance is nice you pull the grace on the walls out of the woods and with the light likes aru’s dhoka wood floor you can use any different type of wood throughout the room another question how did you choose to be a Buddhist I love been obsessed with religion since I was a kid I’ve read every book about every religion and there’s different things that I love about each religion Buddhism is a practice which is much more much more interesting to me and Buddhism was about you know the connection and the presence of mind and really just trying to find those signs and connect to something bigger so it was the first time that something really spoke to me and it’s been great so my biggest greatest accomplishment so far my family not my hair today that’s for sure I don’t know really what it’s doing my hair is not darker somebody just asked it’s just I think the lighting and I don’t know the meaning behind how do I so with Oscars name

Nate lost a partner and the Indian Ocean tsunami and his middle name is Oscar and so we wanted him to be a part of our story and that’s why we decided to any let’s see another question to ticketed to do what has impacted you to have such a kind heart oh that’s a nice question first of all thank you I believe in leaving this place more beautiful than it was when I started it something that Nate’s saddened it’s really kind of resonated with me my mom we were growing up to this beautiful thing where every time we went somewhere she would say you know look around and find something beautiful and it really stuck with me so I appreciate beauty in a different way so yeah another question what advice do you have to become a successful interior designer listen I think that you know there’s a lot of people a lot of talented people out there that can create beautiful things but if you can create beauty while listening to somebody and then find a way to translate that beauty that is I think that’s what makes all the difference all right another question how do you deal with haters I don’t I mean listen everybody’s got an opinion I and you’re entitled to them so I think more than they’re more opinions the merrier you know I one of the best pieces of advice that I ever got from Rachel Zoe was she said to me follow your passion and don’t say anything that you’ll ever regret they seem very simple but you know I don’t regret anything that I do

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I Nate myself we put ourselves out here you know on the world on TV and everything to just be the truest versions of ourselves and I’m not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea so don’t watch what are your favorite pizza toppings that’s the best question I’ve ever heard I like to keep it simple like some pepperoni and cheese all day long do you know how bad I want pizza right now for some pizza what else can I ask you what cancer guys we know about your morning ritual what about your evening ritual night times are really for the kids we bathe poppy everyday every night for myself I make a tea at night I have like a Roma therapy I’m very edgy it’s very sexy sleepytime tea and I roam with her there was a time where I was cool I swear may not even I may not have ever been cool just really unaware so who knows all right so let’s wrap up a couple more and then I will leave you guys alone cuz I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me speak and listening to my voice the most rewarding aspect of being a father is the fact that I get to be a father you know I Nate and I always say that it’s not lost on us how lucky we are to be gay men gay dads at this particular time at this particular place in history you know we got the opportunity to create a family with the love and support of a lot of amazing people around us so we’re definitely thankful about that but that’s the best the most beautiful aspect there’s this really funny moment where I had poppy sitting on me and Oscar on my chest while I was giving him his bottle I just had this wave of emotion the fact that you know we created this family and it’s my job to protect it so that’s it that’s all I got for you with the family it’s good stuff because there any other good good fun questions where I’m not being so existential do you have anything to do with others rooms and the houses that you don’t show new piphus on camera we didn’t do it there the TV show is about as honest and real as we could physically make it so what you see is really basically what’s happening mmm

hi Brazil I want to go to Brazil so bad but I need to keep going to the gym before I do mmm boxers or briefs really just depends on the mood or neither who does your hair I do um but this guy named Rick Henry based out of LA who’s been cutting my hair since I was 19 and straight he’s been cutting my hair so he’s like a dear friend he’s been cutting my hair forever natan and I do not coordinate outfits but we’ve been together for too long sometimes they’re too close anyway I just want say thank you guys if you have any other questions or anything or if those things that you’re wondering that haven’t been answered on here you guys should really check out our blog which I never thought I would have but we do at Jeremiah print comm so there’s a lot of video series in there where I answer questions a lot more intimately things that people write in so would I shave my head for charity yeah but I would like to not have to because I don’t think it would be a good book on me I will tell Nate and poppy hello everybody’s asking where they’re at we got only knows where they’re out there running around doing something there’s always something going on around here anyways thank you guys I really appreciate you guys tuning in and chatting and again having the conversations

Do you think we should do this again it’s my next question maybe next time we can do something I’ll design-related all of your questions and the kind of shit that you were wondering about let me know you know where this whole platforms about creating beauty and sharing beauties those stories about design whatever check it out I think it’d be a lot of fun and thank you I will see you guys soon take care

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