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Jeremiah Brent talks: Season 2 & Life About Oskar Berkus-Brent Baby # 2

Nice to see you as well Sarah says I love you such a family-friendly show it’s so nice of you to say you know we wanted a show that was just nice it was just a happy place with a positive conversation and a happy message and the birthplace of our show is about connection and really meeting people from across the country different families different backgrounds and showing them that through design we can all love each other the right way so I’m glad you like that I’m glad that your kids can stay up and watch the show as well that makes me really happy we had a another family another kid who came up to our family the other day and was like so cool that Poppy’s got two dads and I was like yes so it starts so anyway all right so let’s answer oh I like this question do you a day and do you and David says do you and Nate ever argue about design choices on the show and if we argue all the time David that’s the fun of it but we value each other’s opinions which is the difference you know I think with spouses it’s really hard to kind of get stuck with what you want but you know you’ve married somebody because life’s better with them so I think that that can transcend everything including design so have a conversation and actually listen it would be my biggest piece of advice which is easier said than done we do have another husband list and interior design and is talented and has a lot of the thing is but we actually have a lot of fun doing design together. 

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So I want to ask I want to answer a couple questions because there are some people that are new that I want to just kind of give an opportunity to reintroduce myself and anybody that’s already heard these answers I apologize do I look like I’m wearing like a prison jumpsuit a little bit so there’s an aggressive stripe so it’s a couple questions that we got which I’m gonna answer for you how do you manage the new baby and shooting for work at the same time the answer is I have no idea I’m still trying to figure it out I do not pretend to be a parenting expert I have been doing this for three weeks or three years in two weeks so you know I’m figuring and as I go it’s definitely harder as kids get older because that time is more precious and you know Poppy’s having actual with you now and interacting and you know it’s it’s different I miss every second I’m away from her a little bit the Oscar it just basically likes to poop and eat and sleep so you know it starts as it 

What was Poppy’s first reaction when she saw Oscar it was everything you wish it would be you know who’s pure and sweet and genuine it was a really beautiful moment so it’s one that I will treasure for the rest of my life that this chapter of having two young kids and starting a family like this chapter is a really special one and we’re very conscious of how lucky we are every day so hi Germany wow this is so crazy I know I sound like an old out-of-touch crotchety guy a gay guy but I still can’t get over how like this connects you with all over the world so quickly I love it that’s really fun I went in design you put so much of your hardness is it hard to walk away from the final design when you put so much hard no you know design for us is about translating other people’s style and other people’s hopes so it’s kind of like sending your kid off to college you know we have a lot of pride with the rooms that we do on the show with a lot of ply with even the projects that we do individually it’s really about creating spaces for those people and telling their story so I never get sad about it and a lot of times if we’ve met people that we really connect to we stay connected with them so AHA

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