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Nate & Jeremiah Mid-Century French: Behind the Design

Nate & Jeremiah fan? Make sure you are all caught up for the all the new seasons of Nate & Jeremiah by Design. Here is Nate and Jeremiah has to say about the family of Missy and Darren. Here is what Nate & Jeremiah said in a recent interview about this episode. Nate and Jeremiah take us behind the scenes of their mid-century French renovation.

I think what’s interesting about Missy and Darren is that they really love their home mm-hmm and they are very connected to their home I love Missy and Darren’s home it’s mid-century it’s filled with lights they’ve spent so much money on everything that’s not fun all this stuff that you’re just like how much was it sure let me write a check the original kitchen that we walked into when we met Missy and Darrin was sort of shoved in a corner of the house and they have this beautiful view of Los Angeles they have they live on a mountain top basically they have a great backyard and you couldn’t get near enough to it you want to spend time enjoying that view they spent 90% of their time in their kitchen which was shoved in the in the sort of back of a house and it was just dated you know it was it was dated it was worn it was falling apart and the big goal was to blow it all open and allow them to entertain like they loved to do but in a way where they didn’t feel sequestered in this tiny little area of their of their home any longer

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So Missy and Darren are really fun loving people they love to drink they love to entertain they love to hang out and have huge blowout parties in that house and they wanted a kitchen that was a little louder than something we would have done maybe a bit brighter than something that we would have initially reached for yeah the color would be so fun black just kidding it’s really never about us imposing our tastes on a home owner it’s always about taking into account what the homeowner what really makes their heart sing oh yeah I can’t let this yeah you know the clock is always ticking and uniquely this time for us not only we this renovation but we’re expecting a second child and you know during the renovation getting text live from our surrogate that the contractions are starting to get ready so we were going crazy for season eight

I remember having conversations with him on camera and him just walking away and I we return the camera mention all the cameramen would laugh my back babe he was what do you want to do in my career we have to shoot a shot yeah I just shooting a show didn’t even connect anything to what was happening in the mall every time I turned around or I would ask him a question but he over the key no let’s I love the way this turned out and he was ready to camera like that it was so weird hi Missy and Darrin they had their hearts set on terrazzo floors then there’s like four people in the universe that still know how to do terrazzo floors correctly it’s really bad it was not in budget and we knew that going into this design and we said to Missy and Darren you can’t afford this book but we found a way to make it work but it took time

It took almost a week just to lay those floors in the color match it to the original flooring it was a whole thing but it worked out in the end the funny thing about this style of French mid-century modern is that it’s probably one of the styles that I feel most closely attracted to it was a time in France where materials were very humble and they were combined in really interesting ways and it was it was a time of simplicity which is it was the beauty of simplicity which I think we both connect to we wanted it to have this sort of French mid-century feeling and we did that with you know a collection of vintage pottery that we sourced locally and some other things but we also wanted some modern elements because you don’t want to be stuck in the past and we weren’t making a period film here we’re making a kitchen for today so one of the things that we used was this sleek chrome Delta trinsic faucet which brought in just enough of like tomorrow’s design

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Yeah with the design of yesterday the favorite part of the kitchen is actually pushing ourselves in a design aesthetic there’s nothing to do with ours yeah which is why we love the show I don’t want to always do beige rooms that are neutral palettes you know it’s fun to have homeowners push you and say we want something fun and playful and we got that opportunity with this kitchen I like the modern architecture I like the modern pieces that we brought in and I think it came together really nicely yeah I do too and it was the only episode we were really working in that mid-century 1960s vibe so that was fun for us because it’s you know to be I think a good decorator or designer you have to be able to interpret what your client needs are and what they really want and make that dream become a reality and you have to be able to do that working in very different styles so that was definitely a lesson for us and mixing the clients personal tastes which was vastly different than ours and coming up with something that we could still put our stamp on.  

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