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Jeremiah and Nate Season 2 or Season 1?

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Nate and Jeremiah by Design show’s season finale was this weekend. We are done with Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 2 but it’s not over yet. Nate and Jeremiah went on exclusive talk describing their Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 2 experience. Nate & Jeremiah answer some of the questions about Season 2. Check out what Jeremiah and Nate responded to all these questions below.



What did you learn from the first season that you applied in Nate and Jeremiah by Design season 2?

I think we’re better listeners both to each other and to homeowners and I think we got into our groove as well as partners of this I have always known about myself that I don’t have any patience and I would say after two years of doing this show I know for a fact that I actually have less patience than I thought I had and I could’ve told you that she’s like spared us all this almost nothing give no patient anything and I learned that I have a chronic crime problem that I need to work through Maya

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Which one was Easier

Was working on Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 2 easier than Season 1?

Season two is even more difficult this season. One of the truth is and the part that I hope people see and feel more important that when they watch the show is that we are invested in these people in their lives in their homes. I know it’s a renovation show. I know it’s an hour of your time at night or doing the weekend or whatever. You watch Nate and Jeremiah by Design but these are people’s lives and we take that very seriously. We care about every tile every bulla someplace to my house.

Every book has been placed by us everything is the two of us doing it. We have you know conversations in pre-production of the about the show and it would be a lot easier for us to rent props and rent furniture and taking in our own things and then take them away but what you see on the screen is exactly what the homeowners wake up with the next morning.

Why doing this

If there are five bananas in the bowl they keep the bananas and the bowl and the countertop is sitting on that was really important to both of us because we’re not just doing this to show people ideas about how to decorate, we’re doing this because as Jeremiah said completely connected to each homeowner and to each project.

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Best Compliment?

The best compliment we’ve ever received I think from a homeowner was that Wow like these guys actually really care. I didn’t realize that they would care I thought they’d come in the crew and ask how much money I had. Then they leave but the truth is we really care and are thinking through what are the details that really make someone’s heart sing and that’s that’s the most fun.  

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    I’m really hoping for, and looking forward to a third season, I love you two guys, and your shows are fab, you seem like real genuine guys.

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    Amo vocês e o vosso programa estou ansiosa pela terceira temporada vocês são muito genuínos ?❤❤

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