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Jeremiah Brent Workout Routine!

Jeremiah Brent Workout Routine, Jeremiah reveals!

Jeremiah Brent workout routine Jeremiah reveals in a recent quiz. The quiz involved a bundle of questions and Jeremiah had to answer them all. It involved GOT, Jeremiah Brent workout regime, and some of the This or That!


Check out what Jeremiah responded to all these questions below.

Game of Thrones Character

If you were in Game of Thrones, who would you be?

If I was a pilot I mean John smell Jeremiah snow what’s this yeah I wish I had his ass Jamie with one goal to end have sex with his sister I would either be Jon Snow or like khaleesies long-lost twin brother the only problem with Game of Thrones is when it ends and you have to wait like another year from the next season nique hasn’t seen the first two seasons so we’re gonna start them and I’m very excited about that he started in the third season that’s come PC she’s the mother of dragons well I’m kind of like the mother of dragons

Workout Routine

What is Jeremiah Brent workout routine?

haha, Jeremiah Brent workout? I definitely people want to know if Jeremiah Brent workout? I don’t really have a regimen when it comes to working out I try to work out five days a week I try to run a couple days a week I’m an early riser I’m usually up around 5 a.m. every day so if it’s not a run when I go to the gym I’m all about eating well which is my big thing and lately I’m on intermittent fasting which is not cute. 

Jeremiah Brent workout

5 Years from Now

What do you see five years from now?

Five years from now gosh I don’t know what five months from now looks like I can tell you what I hope I hope that our family has grown I hope that Nata and I are continuing to create beautiful things you know our mission as a family is to leave this place more beautiful than it was when we got here so I hope that we’re continuing to do that

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Most in Season 2

What are you looking forward to the most in Season 2?

I’m looking forward to Nate not pushing each other we like the idea of creating spaces that tell other people’s stories one episode will be super modern the other episode will be infused with tons of colour I love the idea that we get to meet all of these people who are stuck in a chapter of their life and through design we get to help them move through that it’s a huge gift when the Nate and I take very seriously and the show is just a blast to do with the person you love mm-hmm

Short Ones

Red or white wine?

I’m not a huge wine guy but if I have to choose a bread

Sunday or Saturday?

Sunday all day long

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I’m an early bird and a night owl

Sunrise or Sunset?

I love a good sunrise I always prefer the start that’s it like to the end [Music]  


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