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Nate and Jeremiah Advice for Busy Parents

Nate and Jeremiah Interview with Huggies

Nate and Jeremiah went on an exclusive interview. Both Nate and Jeremiah were asked a few questions regarding their family and their latest partnership with Huggies. Check out what Nate and Jeremiah had to say.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Quiz

The question and answers will be quite simple. The host will ask questions regarding some topics and Nate and Jeremiah will answer the questions. It’s been a while since the second season of Nate and Jeremiah by Design Season 2 is over. It’s the chance for the fans to know more about what they are up to nowadays.

How much Nate and Jeremiah are excited about your partnership with Huggies?

Nate: We’re super excited to be partners with Huggies. The first thing I feel really good about saying is this Huggies is a company that understands that all families don’t look alike. When they launched the first-ever personalized diaper Huggies personalized diaper we got really excited about partnering with them. It’s a super cool thing. It’s meant as a gift I mean obviously for parents but really also for people who aren’t parents. People who are trying to figure out what to give someone for a baby shower or a sip-and-see

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Jeremiah: It’s this really beautiful marriage of something that’s personalized and entirely practical. That is something that we think is really important the idea that you can give a gift that there is this thoughtfulness that goes into creating it. There is also something to be said about as a parent when you look down and you see your child’s name spelled out even on a diaper like it gets you choked up. There’s something eventually every time.

nate berkus talks surrogacy

Your daughter Poppy also had a role in helping out, what was that like?

Jeremiah: Even the thing with Poppy Brent Berkus (daughter) and having a new kid is I really want to find ways to integrate them into that story and it make her feel like she’s a part of it. Even with designing the decorative Huggies, she helped us pick it out. She would know black because it’s daddy’s favorite color. I’m wearing a lot of colors today but not black, a lot of color for me but it’s just the idea again. It is rightfulness and she likes to always be part of every day, and shopping.

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What would Nate and Jeremiah advise busy parents?

Nate: We are trying to be really careful. Nate and Jeremiah are not experts and everyone with children. We have two children or fewer than three and a half so we’re not putting ourselves up for the parent of the Year award. To be clear many years ago Oprah and Dr. Maya Angelou said a quote that has always stayed with me to be mine. She said I’ll never forget this and we try and love this Dr. Maya Angelou said dear eyes light up when your child enters the room.

It doesn’t matter how busy Nate and Jeremiah are. It does not matter but you know no one was on their phones that and when she said this. But if you think about how busy all of us are and how many things every parent has going on; just ask yourself

Do your eyes light up when your child enters the room?

They deserve it.


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What is Nate and Jeremiah least favorite parenting duty?

Nate: There’s really nothing. I mean honestly, there’s nothing. I don’t like being in the doctor’s office when they get shot, I hate it. My father, I come from a long line of men who can’t bear to be uncomfortable or have their children be uncomfortable. My father is the same way so watching our kids get you to know their shots is the answer.


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