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Jeremiah and Nate Made Compromise to Each Other?!

Jeremiah and Nate Show

Jeremiah and Nate show’s season finale was this weekend. We are done with Nate & Jeremiah by Design Season 2 but it’s not over yet. Nate and Jeremiah went on exclusive talk describing their Season 2 experience. Nate & Jeremiah answer some of the questions about Season 2. Check out what Jeremiah and Nate responded to all these questions below.


Most rewarded Episode

What episode felt most rewarded?

It felt rewarded from all of those personally like I think they you know we’re very lucky or lucky that we get to do what we love and share millions of people being able to do that and give in that way and then receive the sort of joy of the homeowner episode after episode it was amazing we have always shown love through design this entire show it was about the connectivity of human beings and love and translating that love and showing our story through other people’s stories and I think that’s been the most rewarding part

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It doesn’t matter what type of family what type of circumstances they have we’re all connected and that is the main thesis of this show you know we do it through design but I find every single episode rewarding in a very different way and the fact that we get to be a small part of this makes it that much more

Compromising Each Other

Which episode did you have most difficulty compromising with each other?

Compromising no? but I like that people always ask us that as a married couple oh you’re both designers that must be really awful and it’s not awful it’s fun because you know Jeremiah stands his ground I stand my ground you have to like convince the other person that your idea is the idea to go with and we’ve learned a lot about each other who has such different systems we do Nate is like check check check check move on down the road yeah I’m like let’s like talk about it like what’s the emotion behind it like I said let’s think about what we’re trying to do.

Empty Box

I see is like the empty box that I just want to take a pen and go hardware three breeze three three rod and tears like that I don’t know if that’s the right drapery rod but I think because of that we make the project end up being better you know Mantic pragmatic yeah and practical and you know sort of poetic I think and you need both sides he could do this on his own I can do this on my own we’re not confused about that but it’s more fun that we get to leave for work together area will always say it must be a heart being to decorators in the same hustle

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Two Lawyers

I think would be hard to be like two lawyers and they see an asshole I don’t think it would be hard to be two lawyers I don’t even be hard like if one of us was a decorator and the other one was like a computer programmer and I’d be like whoa we talked about I feel like I’m both people you have to do this I came and you work the remote you should see my try to turn the alarm on 


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