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Nate & Jeremiah by Design Season 2 Episode 2: Show Preview

The Episode 2 is here it really was something special. A family that had been suffering for the last 16 years. Jean and Shawn had experiences which almost led them to lost hope until Nate & Jeremiah came to rescue. Below the article is a narration by Nate and Jeremiah before the second Episode was shot. The couple discusses how challenging it would be for them to fix their home as they have been suffering for so long.

”The interesting thing about Jean and Shawn and the family is that they all so close but they’ve been living in this weird purgatory with construction for 16 years and it’s the one thing keeping them from actually enjoying themselves as a family in their own home and I think they’ve lost confidence in contractor after contractor and the last thing we want to do is to be another name on a list of people who let them down that’s the part that I think I am the most nervous about here we need to figure out exactly what needs to be done to bring their home family back together.

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We are seeing and Jean and Shawn have no idea that they have been selected for the show and neither does their daughter Megan being interviewed just as potential candidates for the show so the first stop is we are going to surprise me the state that it’s in is just it’s just too frustrated no one should be living like that you don’t want here
*Car stops between Megan while interviewing*
what are you guys talking about *chuckles* screen hi hi what’s going on me again how are you hi I am going to give you a hug to what is this am like on can come on you serious yep all aboard I can’t believe I am in your car guys are right now it’s happening.

Do they know you were going to surprise them right now are you kidding ohmygosh? after all this time having their home done is I can’t even describe to you I’m so excited do you think that there were none now oh my God they going to flip out are you ready? okplease oh my gosh are you serious are you sure.

Mom, Dad, Look who I found Surprise! Hey, Jeremiah I am so nice to meet you you and your in I am speechless this so beautiful dost you guys Oh my gosh I think it’s time 16 years oh my god thank you so much! Hey I am Nate. Good to meet you. *Laughter* ”

Let’s hope Nate & Jeremiah continues their work to fix others lives like this and yes we are excited about Episode 3 which comes this Saturday!

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