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Nate and Jeremiah Play Design Fling or a Real Thing?

Today Nate and Jeremiah play a design game. It’s called Is this a design fling or the real thing? The couple will be asked some design questions, and they’ll decide if the asked trend is a design fling, or is it a real thing.

Nate and Jeremiah Play

Carpeted Bathrooms? Wall-to-wall carpeting is trending after singer Lily Allen and her husband, actor David Harper, revealed that they got wall-to-wall plush where they flush. That’s right; they’ve got carpet in the bathroom. No better authority to ask it about than famous designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Design fling or the real thing?

Nate and Jeremiah revealed that they had rented a house a long time ago and it had a carpeted bathroom, and it was one of the most comfortable things they’ve ever experienced. It was so luxurious. But the couple also revealed that they never put it in anywhere for anybody else. So yeah, it’s a design fling.

Slip Covers Real thing or fling?

The Wall Street Journal reports slipcovers for your sofa, they’re now chic again. Grandmas are vindicated. They say a slipcover in a fun pattern can give any saggy old sofa a total makeover. Plus, they’re easy to clean so you can still eat a saucy soupy bowl of spaghetti on your couch and enjoy it. Are they tacky? Is it a fling or is it the real thing?

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Nate loves a slip-cover sofa. He’s fine with it. Jeremiah is doing it a ton for his firm. It’s fun, it’s easy he believes. You could play around with it. It doesn’t have to all be very old and antiquated. So to be clear, it’s not really a money saver unless you’re a great sewer because the upholster needs the same amount of fabric, and it takes them just as long to measure and make a slipcover as it does to rip all that fabric off your sofa and recover it. But so it’s not like a big savings. You could buy inexpensive slip-cover furniture and it reads a lot more expensive. So are we saying design fling or the real thing? – Real thing for N and J. Let’s continue while Nate and Jeremiah play this game.

Fridge Organization

Next, Delish reports, TikTok’s Latest design obsession is in a nook and cranny of your home that you might have forgotten to decorate. Oh, it’s the inside of your refrigerator. Check out these people artfully arranging their seltzer cans and yogurts, and maybe going a little extra extra by some floral touches. One had a framed photo of a cat.

Would You Rather

Nate believes it to be the dumbest thing he’s ever seen. Why? He thinks it’s like you have too much time on your hands. – Go, volunteer. Are you kidding? Go read to kids. Go work at a soup kitchen. This is so stupid. Jeremiah doesn’t like it either. It smells like dust to him. But, organization in the fridge, and some bins, and Nate will stand there for hours. So design fling or the real thing? – Fling for both Nate and Jeremiah. Also read about Nate and Jeremiah Third Child

Ceiling Design

Next up, speaking of untapped design space, House & Garden UK reports, that the latest canvas is your ceiling. This is actually one of the oldest design tricks in the books. I mean, hello, Sistine Chapel, right? But if you can’t get Michelangelo to paint you a fresco, why not try a floral wallpaper or a bold accent color? Basically, like they treat the ceiling as the fifth wall. Is this something Nate and Jeremiah do in design?

All for it

All the time. – Nate and Jeremiah love those. They do consider the ceiling a fifth wall. Jeremiah thinks it could be a lot of fun as long as it’s rooted in what’s happening in the rest of the house, and it’s not just a random outlier. It’s gotta have been part of the cohesive story. Also, it’s great for renters if you wanna put up adhesive wallpaper, and you wanna add some type of personality. It’s fun.

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Nate believes it’s been going on for thousands of years. So he doesn’t mind a white ceiling. He doesn’t think it’s obligatory. Nothing in design is, but like, you know, people add beams, they add wall covering, they add molding, they add paint. That’s all part of that. So it’s just another moment to express yourself, and he doesn’t think it should be overlooked. Anyone can choose to just keep it white obviously, but antique mirror on the ceiling! You always look great, by the way. It’s a really good angle. – Okay, so design fling or the real thing? – Real thing for Nate and Jeremiah.

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